The Three Leadership Styles – Which One Is Right For You?

There’s probably not many who’ll argue with us when we say that hiring good leaders is one of the most important aspects to business success. And there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to remind us all that the pace of change is, honestly, just relentless.

This means successful leaders of the future increasingly need to be flexible and far-sighted to manage the growth and prosperity of their companies. Jobs, leadership style and culture need to be dynamic and changing to succeed in current and future environments.

To bag these great, future-proofed leaders then, recruiters normally create a job description. It’s an obvious first step. It helps both hiring managers and candidates understand the requirements for the role. But this model has become less and less useful as the unpredictability of senior jobs skyrockets, over not just years, but even months.

A more useful approach, developed by PeopleFactors’ Chairman Adrian Atkinson, identifies individuals with different attitudes to business growth, change and risk.

Here are the three types of leaders to look out for when making hiring decisions:

1. The Expert Leader

This type of leader is likely to be successful in traditional organisations which do not anticipate much change and where the focus is on maintaining product and service excellence.

2. The Pliable Leader

This person will change sequentially over time, focussing on keeping their organisations up to date with latest developments but subjecting them to careful analysis before deciding to follow a new direction.

3. The Adventurous Leader

This leader enjoys fast adaptation and can change their role and their approach with ease, sometimes even anticipating and embracing changes in advance. These leaders thrive in go-ahead, technically-sophisticated organisations.

But which leader do you need?

So how can you identify the type of leader you need? The ones who’ll continue to add value to your business despite a sometimes wildly unpredictable future?

It’s simple: use data, psychological insights and years’ of know-how through pre-hire assessments.

Here at PeopleFactors we’ve been helping to hire the very best leaders for over 35 years in the world’s top organisations.

Our platform enables you to assess, analyse and develop leadership potential mapped to your organisation’s needs.

No more gut-feelings. No more hunches. Put PeopleFactors’ assessment data into the hiring mix, and suddenly your hiring decisions become absolutely foolproof.

This is how you hire leaders who’ll future proof your business.

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