Experts in the development and application of science based psychometric assessments.

We give you an all round picture of an individuals current fit for the role, future potential and compatibility with the team.

We provide integrated reports based on cognitive ability, personality, values and style.

You can join some of the top companies in the world using reliable and unbiased assessments to ensure high performance, diversity and business success.

You think you know me? You dont know me.

7 Assessment Levels

The Benefits of Using PeopleFactors

Increases speed to hire at lower cost

Brings objectivity and consistency to hiring

Avoids bias, increases diversity

Improve trust creating higher employee engagement and resilience

Drive behaviors that align with your mission, vision and values

Avoids hiring the wrong person

Build strong teams

Tighten the link between strategy and execution

Reduce staff turnover and recruiting costs

Experience Plus

Experience matters. But prior performance may not guarantee future results. 

Our objective assessments help screen and create the candidate short list and identify the most appropriate person for the job.

Pre-hire Assessment

Selection insights via these assessments


Cognitive Ability

Critical Reasoning

Management Style

Motivation & Values

Great Science rigorously reviewed

Benchmarked against thousands of leaders, with specific algorithms for leadership levels from Supervisor to C-Suite.

Validated in more than 40 countries over the past 35 years.

Matched to your leadership model

Data to support

Candidate pool screening

Selection from the short list

Initial development framework for inclusion in onboarding

Development of potential for promotion and succession planning