Screening Assessment

Screening Assessment

Our Screening Assessment takes less than 30 minutes to complete and will give you insights into your candidate’s personality and their reasoning ability. It’s available in over 20 languages and is truly international. It’s a great way to see behind the ‘interview mask’ and get a real feel for your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

What do I get? When your candidate completes their screening you’ll be emailed their report within a few minutes. You’ll get an overview of their personality, a description of what that will mean in the workplace and how they are likely to interact with colleagues, and a measure of their reasoning ability – verbal, spatial and numerical. The report will also contain a list of interview questions that are customised for the candidate. Please download a sample report.

What does it measure? Our personality questionnaire looks at 5 areas that are key to success at work:

  • How the individual will approach tasks
  • How competitive they are
  • How confident they are
  • Their team working skills
  • Their relationship building skills

Their score in the reasoning test is a good indicator of their natural ability to solve problems, grasp new concepts and adapt to new situations.

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