How to prepare for assessments

You’ve been asked to complete an assessment

But what now?

Congratulations! You’ve been invited to complete a talent assessment for a new role. But, being presented with an hour-long (or more) deep dive into your abilities – we know how daunting this can be. We’re here to help make this process as smooth as possible for you and to get you prepared to let your best self show. Read on to learn more, or take a practice test right here.

Don’t overthink it

Our assessments require you to relax and be honest (they go great with your favourite cuppa).

You’ll be presented with various questions to assess not only the obvious verbal and numerical aspects of your skillset, but your rationale, ability to problem-solve and understanding of situations; all relative to the role you’ve applied for.


…this isn’t about berating your maths skills, or picking out your grammar mistakes, but understanding whether you are right for the role, and whether the role is right for you.

Get your best role

The perks of being hired for a role with one of our assessments? You’re looking at getting a job with a reduction in failed promotions and the REAL retention and nurturing of top performers.

And we know you’re a top performer, or you wouldn’t be here.

It’s time to show it.

Before you dive in, get a feel of what our assessments are like and take a practice test first. This practice test will be XYZ.