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Pre-hire assessment for screening and selection

Hire Better Leaders

Leadership is the single biggest driver of company success. We’ve all heard that culture eats strategy for lunch. What that really means is that you need to hire and retain great leaders, and not just at the top, but throughout your company. We call this your leadership backbone.

PeopleFactors helps you hire better leaders faster and more effectively for a stronger leadership backbone.

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Pre-hire assessment candidate fit report, leadership candidates

Hiring great leaders requires a deep understanding of more than a resume. The resume doesn’t tell you what they are like, whether they fit in, who they are or who they could become. PeopleFactors measures the things that matter most when deciding who to entrust with the future of your people and your organization.

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PeopleFactors Delivers

HR Effectiveness

  • lower costs
    Increases speed to hire at lower cost
  • hiring objectivity
    Brings objectivity and consistency to hiring
  • reduce bias
    Reduces bias, increases diversity

Leaders With the Skills You Need

  • vision and values
    Drive behaviors that align with your mission, vision and values
  • employee engagement
    Improve trust creating higher employee engagement and resilience
  • strengthen morale
    Strengthen morale
  • strategy
    Tighten the link between strategy and execution
  • reduce turnover
    Reduce turnover, lessens recruiting costs and time
  • communication
    Communicate consistently and effectively throughout the company.

Experience Plus

Experience matters. But prior performance may not guarantee future results. Our standard hiring processes tend to be subjective, inconsistent, and limited in their ability to predict potential and performance.

PeopleFactors objective assessments help screen and create the candidate short list, and then provide insight into the soft skills which are at the root of leadership and manager success.

Pre-hire assessment report, strategic, development suggestions, HR insights

Pre-hire Leadership Assessment

Beyond Experience

Leadership insights via these assessments
  • personality
  • cognitive ability
    Cognitive Ability
  • critical reasoning
    Critical Reasoning
  • management style
    Management Style
  • motivations

Great Science

Rigorously reviewed
  • benchmarked
    Benchmarked against thousands of leaders, with specific algorithms for leadership levels from Supervisor to C-Suite.
  • validated globally
    Validated in more than 40 countries over the past 35 years.
  • leadership model
    Matched to your leadership model

Hiring Transformation

Objective data to support:
  • candidate pool
    Candidate pool screening
  • short list
    Selection from the short list
  • development framework
    Initial development framework for inclusion in onboarding
  • development potential
    Development of potential for advancement

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PeopleFactors is central to our leadership hiring process in EMEA. Its objective, science-based assessments help us hire better leaders across our support centre organisation. No other approach comes close to accurately identifying people that are the right leadership fit for Starbucks, and providing our HR team with the tools it needs to be successful.

Euan James
Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Starbucks

People are at the heart of everything we do at Green Room Design and psychometric assessments form part of our recruitment process; we assess all our candidates using PeopleFactors. The selection reports allow us to see another side of our candidates that we wouldn’t necessarily see during an interview or from a CV. Having used PeopleFactors for over 10 years we have a huge amount of data that we can use to compare candidates with people we know have performed well in the job before, and to help us decide if they will be a good fit with our business and other team members.

Ann Roddy
HR Manager, Green Room Design

As an independent Business leadership and HR specialist I rely on PeopleFactors assessments to provide my clients with clear insights into individuals when they are making hiring and promotion decisions. The reports give rigorous and objective evidence which enable them to make faster decisions with more confidence of success.

Robert Ingram
Business leadership and HR Consultant

Why PeopleFactors?

Better hiring decisions are just the beginning.

Gather and analyze objective data about your leaders, who they are, what they can do, what they care about and what they need.  PeopleFactors enables you to identify organizational capability gaps, drive succession plans, build recruitment strategies and set learning agendas across your organization. If you can measure it, you can manage it.

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