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Future of Work

The future of work is now!
Are you ready?

Have your hiring practices evolved fast enough to keep up with the changes in your marketplace, with your team, with what candidates expect?

Are you getting the right characteristics in your hires?

Volatility, uncertainty, change and anxiety. All are hallmarks of today’s workplace and workforce. We are looking for people who are resilient, who are willing to engage, who bring diversity of thought, perspective and background. Are you getting the right people today?

PeopleFactors assessments can help your find and hire candidates who have these abilities. Our blend of tests, questions and elements tease out the nuance you need to make A player leadership hires. And we assess for potential as well so that they people you hire can grow into new roles and build your bench strength.


Are you looking for a growth mindset?

How are you hiring for this today? Are you finding candidates with the flexibility to adapt and to deal with adversity and who are driven to learn? People Factors provides an objective look at candidates’ thought processes giving you an accurate comparison across your selection pool. Want to learn more about how we can help you hire for a growth mindset? Drop us a line.

Is the recruiting team buried in resumes?

The HR and recruiting world can change on a dime. Job postings that were pulling few applicants are now pulling many. Are you relying on keyword search to sort through the stack and drive your process? Are you bogged down in volume? PeopleFactors has a better way to filter your submissions and find the best short list for interviewing.


Is your hiring process delivering?

PeopleFactors brings an objective data driven model to lessen bias in the hiring process. Our assessments and tools create consistency in interviewing and provide a fair and standardized means of comparison.

Is your interviewing filtering out poor fit candidates?

Candidates present their best side during the interview process, and we are largely without the benefit of face to face meetings. How well do your business teams do when it comes to finding the right fit? Is it inconsistent from manager to manager or hire by hire? PeopleFactors provides the nuanced insight that can help uncover issues that might not otherwise surface. This can help prevent future disruption and conflict.


How can we help you?

Key Features

fully integrated solution

Fully Integrated Solution

PeopleFactors provides a holistic approach to pre-hire and development assessments, including screening applicants, assessing candidates, and assessing existing and potential leaders

easy to use

Easy to Use

Consolidated reporting of all assessments including one page summaries and detailed readouts of leadership skills and leadership potential

validated science

Validated Science

35 years of scientific research, validated through multi-national studies, reviewed by the APA and the BPS, benchmarked against tens of thousands of global leaders

applied tools

Applied Tools

PeopleFactors helps you put your assessment insights into action with interview guides including specific probes and scoring frameworks, best practices for interviewing, and onboarding development plan guidance

multi dimensional assessment

Multi-dimensional Assessments

Including Personality, Cognitive Ability, Critical Reasoning, Management Style, Motivations, and more

assessment technology


Proprietary AI-based leadership potential score, expert systems for bias free reporting, APIs for leading ATS, HCM, and L&D systems

More Features

feature deep insight

Deep Insight

Measure overall fit, future potential, key strengths and important capabilities such as decision making and team working.

fully easy analysis

Easy Analysis

Rank order your candidates and benchmark them against thousands of global leaders.

feature compliance

Full Compliance

Reduce bias and ensure that you are EEOC and GDPR compliant with our objective and secure solutions.

feature identify talent

Identify Talent

Ask the right questions with focused interview guides and clear, easy to read reports.

feature fast setup

Fast Setup

Get going in minutes with no accreditation or training required.

feature integrations


A full suite of API’s ensures easy integration with your existing ATS and HRIS systems.

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