Features Of A PeopleFactors Lite Report

Assessing for a new role, or even an internal role, is all good and well. But ultimately it’s the resulting report that will help you make your decision. How is the data explained? Is it easy to understand? What sections need to be most studied?

Here are the biggest takeaways you’ll get with every PeopleFactors Lite Assessment (and yes, they’re really easy to read):

The Personality Profile

Our Lite Assessments feature our Personality Indicator questionnaire. This has been designed to identify how similar or different your candidate is from other people in five key dimensions of personality, based on the respondent’s description of their own personality and behaviour.

There are no right or wrong personalities: people are just different. These differences mean that some people work better in certain types of jobs and respond differently in a variety of situations, and other people work better in other types of jobs and situations. Results on personality questionnaires enable a prediction of how people will behave in a variety of situations.

General Reasoning

Our General Reasoning test (SGRIT) measures your candidate’s ability to learn fast and their problem-solving potential. It covers verbal, numerical, and spatial, and is a measure of intellectual ability and potential to learn, rather than a measure of current knowledge.

It’s actually the part of our Lite Assessments that shows an area your candidate is unlikely to develop in, so it’s a good indicator of their future potential.

Your candidate’s responses are compared to tens of thousands of other professional candidates. The score above – 83 – shows us that this candidate scored better than 83% of all other testers. Not a bad score!

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