Features Of A PeopleFactors Leadership Report

Okay, so you’ve had your candidates take an assessment. But what about the results? How do the results support you in your decision-making?

Our Leadership Assessment has some unique features to really make sure you’re making an informed decision. Here are our top four favourites:

1. Planning And Organising

Your candidate’s results will be compared to other Team Leaders – those first-line managers with technical competencies who are expected to use their skills in planning and organising to make progress against objectives.

This score is a great indicator as to how well this candidate will perform in the role as regards objectives and tasks. In this case, a 3 is considered a good score. This candidate is likely to be able to translate visions into tangible goals and workable plans.

2. Potential Limitations

Our Leadership Assessments don’t just look at strengths, but also potential limitations of your candidate. This section takes into account the scores in the report and how they might hinder your candidate in their role.

This limitation shows us that this candidate might need extra support in order to develop their current capabilities to thrive as a manager.

3. Strengths

Our Leadership Assessments can really dive into the strengths of your candidate. The list of strengths gives a good indication of where you can expect your candidate to shine without much direction, support, or further training.

For more of a deeper dive, our subscribers also get insights into the areas where candidates might need to develop. We call this section Potential Development Needs, and can give you an indication of weaknesses in your candidate and how to address them.

4. Team Leader Capabilities

This is the real meat of our Leadership Assessment results. Scores of 3 or 4 should be
regarded as a strength, indicating that your candidate has a natural potential to perform well in that area.

Scores of 2 or 1 indicate an area that would not come naturally to your candidate. In that area they may
need the support of other people or may need to make a considerable effort to improve their performance.

This report also goes into each area in more detail, helping you really understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidate. This is how you make an informed decision.

Ready to dive in? Check out our on-demand assessments or get in touch for a quote.