Business Leader Assessment

Business Leader Assessment

A Business Leader is a strategic executive with a long-term view and strong risk management capability, able to build a culture of excellence – your senior leadership team.

What does it measure? We measure Business Leaders against 9 essential management capabilities:

  • Interpersonal Showing empathy and respect for other people. Rational and objective.
  • Decision making Analysing data and evaluating risks, not relying purely on instinct.
  • Delivering results Consistently applying maximum effort. Showing resilience and focus.
  • Organizing Prioritising, organizing and translating ideas into action.
  • People Leadership Balancing concern for your staff with the need to deliver results.
  • Persuasiveness Willing and able to persuade and influence others through discussion.
  • Building culture Providing guidance and upholding the values of the organisation.
  • Strategic Stepping back, taking a wider view of issues and seeking new solutions.

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