3 Reasons You Need A Leadership Assessment

You’re hiring for a vital role. You don’t have time to work out whether your intuition is working today or not. You need this process to be as inexpensive and as quick as possible, whilst resulting in an incredible and easily identifiable candidate that’ll help your business make strides.

We hear you. This process is challenging at the best of times. And that’s exactly why leadership assessments are one of the best and most-underutilised tools in the recruitment game today.

Here are the three top reasons why using a leadership assessment will be the best thing you ever did in your role as a recruiter:

1. No more hiring on a hunch

Sure, making hiring decisions based on your intuition, or your gut feeling, can absolutely deliver positive results. But it can also massively backfire. Do you really have time to take the risk? Do you have the financial and mental resources (because we know how stressful this process can be) to have someone in the team who’s not the right fit? To have to come to the conclusion that you need to re-hire?

Who does.

By using a leadership assessment (you can buy one from us on-demand anytime), you’re actually using data – objective and effective data – to make these hiring decisions for you. Work out what your essentials are, and the data will tell you the best candidate for the role.

It’s that simple.

2. Reduce the time you spend on recruitment

Again, by hiring on a feeling, you’re putting yourself at risk of spending far too long making the final decision, or even just spending too long on the interview process.

We work with companies who run graduate schemes who need to whittle candidates down from 200+ to 20 or 30 strong candidates. Do you really have time to go through that many resumes? Even if you have much fewer candidates for the role, going through individual applications can take some serious time, and it’s almost impossible to differentiate between them and get to the person beneath the formalities.

This is one of our favourite things about running assessments: the system does the leg-work for you.

Let the data find the exceptional needles in the hiring haystack, then you can interview the final few candidates with clarity and focus, hugely reducing the interview time, and use the data and your judgement to come to the final decision.

3. Learn about career potential

Whether assessments are used internally for promotions and development, or in an external recruitment situation, candidate results will help you and the candidate understand their developmental potential. With this knowledge in-hand, you can soon understand what areas of strength a candidate has, where they fall a little short, and how to make the most of them as individuals. These reports help you set expectations about how this person is going to work, and where they might need additional support. You’re then armed with the knowledge to support training, and how to make better-informed decisions.

This has double the benefits: not only does this knowledge help you in discovering which trainings and programs your employee or candidate might benefit from, as well as areas you can feel comfortable in relying on the employee to shine, but the employee will also feel supported by your organisation. There’s nothing like a personalised employee development approach to increase positive workforce engagement.

Ready to dive in? Check out our on-demand assessments or get in touch for a quote.